Brown County PSC

About Brown County PSC

February 1999
The Department of Public Safety Communications was created with the full support of the Sheriff, Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, the County Board and the County Executive. The purpose of Public Safety Communications is to plan, develop and operate a single, fully integrated voice/data communications and information system, to provide emergency communication service to all Brown County public safety agencies (police, fire, and emergency medical services). This will be accomplished through the consolidation of the Brown County Communications Center, the City of Green Bay Communications Center, the City of DePere Dispatch and the Village of Ashwaubenon Dispatch.

March 1999
The Director of Public Safety Communications began work for Brown County. The responsibilities of the Director include the organizational development and implementation of a countywide emergency communications center.

August 1999
Brown County Public Safety Communications hired an Administrative Specialist to provide administrative support to the Director.

September 1999
Public Safety Communications moved from their temporary quarters with the Brown County Parks Department in the Northern Building to their permanent offices at the Green Bay Police Department. Eventually the combined communications center will be at this location. This is a major step for the project to have a county department located in a city police agency and emphasizes the focus of the department, which is to manage and provide personnel, equipment and systems for all public safety agencies located within Brown County.

February 2000
Three of the four entities involved in the consolidation of countywide dispatch signed the Intergovernmental Agreement. These three include Brown County, the City of Green Bay and the City of DePere, while the Village of Ashwaubenon elected to keep their radio dispatch room on-site. With Brown County, Green Bay and DePere, the joint center handled 100% of 9-1-1 calls within Brown County and 92% of all incidents.

March 2000
A Communications Manager began work for Brown County Public Safety Communications to aid in the development of policies and procedures, training programs, and quality assurance activities.


June 2000
The Brown County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution to provide Public Safety Communications with the necessary funds for the purchase of detailed equipment and software in the joint dispatch plan.

January 2001 
The Brown County Telecommunicators located in the Sheriff’s Department now come under the organizational command of the Public Safety Communications Department.

May 2001   
An MIS Specialist began work for Brown County Public Safety Communications, to aid in the transition and implementation of the joint center.

October 2001
Personnel from Brown County, the City of Green Bay and the City of DePere moved into the communications room at the Green Bay Police Department, completing the consolidation to provide countywide dispatch from one location. 

February 2003   
Brown County Public Safety Communications manages an all civilian dispatch organization independent of sworn personnel.

February 2008   
A Communications Specialist began work for Brown County Public Safety Communications as a resource for all radio related projects.

June 2009       
Public Safety Communications moved from the Green Bay Police Department to a new facility located at the Brown County Jail. The state-of-the-art LEED certified center is a sustainable and environmentally responsible building that meets new green initiatives.

November 2010 
Ashwaubenon Public Safety Telecommunicators joined Public Safety Communications.

Brown County Public Safety Communications is working on a radio interoperability project affecting all police, fire and emergency medical service agencies in Brown County. The Federal Communications Commission has mandated that VHF equipment be changed by the end of 2012.